Referees under the age of 18 who referee in the Football NSW Futsal Premier Leagues during the 2018/19 season will receive free membership the NSW Futsal Referees Association (NSWFRA) has announced today.

Up to 25 Junior Referee Scholarships for existing and new NSWFRA members will be offered as part of a new initiative to drive junior referee recruitment and retention to help ensure there is a strong pipeline of futsal refereeing talent in years to come.

NSWFRA President Scott Kidson said the initiative was designed to ensure cost was not a barrier to any under 18 referees looking to start or continue a successful futsal refereeing career.

"We know costs can be a barrier to many junior referees who often already have many costs associated with refereeing football during the winter," Kidson said.

"For the 2018/19 season we are removing this barrier completely for 25 referees who want to sign up and come and referee the best junior futsal available in the State."

NSWFRA referees who commit to a full season program for the 2018/19 season will receive unprecedented levels of support including all of their basic equipment items at no cost.

The Junior Referee Scholarship will made available to up to 25 applicants who have experience which will enable them to referee up to under 14 level in the Futsal Premier Leagues.

The scholarships will also apply to new course applicants who will have their courses by the NSWFRA provided free of change.

New referees courses will commence in August. To register interest please do so on the NSWFRA website using the "Become a Futsal Referee" link under the contact information on the homepage.