51 match officials and 13 referee coaches have been selected to comprise the NSWFRA Football NSW Futsal Premier League Referee Panels for the 2018/19 season.

The Premier League Panel which is expected to control the majority of fixtures from Under 16  Boys through to Open Age Men includes the Association's four FIFA futsal referees as well as emerging 10 referees undertaking the NSWFRA's inaugural Development Program.

The Junior Premier League Panel sees a large refresh for the NSWFRA with 21 recent recruits from representative football undertaking their first futsal season. 

To provide close support the referees throughout the season 13 coaches have been named on an expanded Coaches Panel including the Association's two AFC Futsal Referee Instructors.

NSWFRA Director of Coaching Scott Kidson said the 2018/19 Panels saw an exciting blend of youth and experience with one of the strongest focuses on development in recent seasons.

"With 21 new futsal referees joining us to make the transition from representative level football there will certainly be a level of 'settling in' in the opening weeks of the competition however I am confident our new recruits will be up for this challenge.

"We've got a record number of coaches on hand this season to keep a close eye on these new young referees as well as ensuring our more senior officials keep working hard to maintain the standards required at this level.

Referees and Coaches from the Panels will be in action next Saturday 29 September when the Football NSW Futsal Premier League kick off across Sydney.


Premier League Panel

Adabjou, Janush Ferguson, Owen Limnios, Manwel^
Allatt, Darren* Gongolidis, Nicholas^ Mansour, Anthony^
Aly, Salma* Hines, Lachlan* Moore, Jonathon (FIFA)
Backo, Nicholas Hockings, Kyle Shepheard, Ryan (FIFA)
Best, Andrew (FIFA) Hockings, Laura*^ South, Grant*
Brett, Adrian^ Ibrahim, Melik^ Turner, Darius (FIFA)
Brown, Tara Katz, Jared^ Turner, Tim*
Di Matteo, Philip* Lee, Cameron Wearne, Matthew*^
Ewin, Jamie^ Liaros, Peter^  

*Subject to completing pre-season requirements

^Development Program Referee


Junior Premier League Panel

Athanasiou, Stefano Griffiths, Connor Sanchez-Cruz, Blake
Battistel, Mitchell Hogan, Bianca Santoro, Selen
Brett, Jared Hogg, Bailey Sherman, Dylan
Brown, Pierre McCahon, Jake Thurling, Shannon
Bury, Thomas Nishimura-Smirthwaite, Ky Toolan, Liam
Elkazzi, Jonathan Perry, Esther Valiente, Alex
Fisher, Rowan Perry, Joel Wazzi, Riad
Fulton, Caroline Renton, Mitchell  
Geha, Charbel Rose, Jake  


Coaches Panel

Aly, Khaled Kidson, Scott (AFC) Porritt, Robert
Bailey, Bruce McOrist, Gordon Tamplin, Adrian (AFC)
Best, Frank Mohajerin, Babak Taylor, Kevin
Codling, Christopher Nikolaidis, James Webster, Greg
Jones, Paul