The NSW Futsal Referees Association (NSWFRA) held its 2019 Annual General Meeting on Friday, 24 May at Bankstown Sports Club.

Khaled Aly's election as the NSWFRA's sixth President was one of a raft of changes to the Management Committee. Nicholas Backo (Vice President) and Salma Aly (Floor Member) were re-elected for their second term. The Association’s ninth Life Member was elected alongside Peter Liaros (Secretary), Cameron Lee (Treasurer), Jared Katz (Registrar) and Owen Ferguson (Floor Member).

Outgoing Registrar, Chris Codling, was thankful to members and expressed his pride in being able to serve the Association over his five-year spell in the role: "This ends my second term and fifth year as Registrar. I feel that I have contributed a lot during the five years I've held this role, particularly as a member of the Management Committee."

The consistent theme for the night was the gratitude shown towards outgoing President and Director of Coaching, Scott Kidson. The incumbent Vice President, Nicholas Backo, used his report to pay tribute to the Life Member, “Scott ran things expertly throughout the season and shared his incredible experience from a top-notch career with us all. Although he will be sorely missed, I am happy that he will be able to spend more time with his ‘other’ family. Scott’s work puts us in a strong position for many years to come.”

It was really no surprise that Mr Kidson was voted as the winner of the Rob Lewer Members’ Member Award for his outstanding contribution to the Association over the course of the 2018-19 season.

Katoomba-based member Mark Hibbard picked up the Ian Timms Senior Local Referee of the Year, while Ethan Redman was awarded the George Williams Junior Local Referee of the Year.

In his final act as Director of Coaching, Scott Kidson awarded Jake Rose and Rowan Fisher the Coach’s Award and Rookie of the Year, respectively.

The Management Committee intends to release the 2019-20 calendar of events in the coming weeks.