Football season is coming to an end, your Refereeing doesn't have to!

You can maintain (or improve) your fitness and continue with your development over the spring and summer by Refereeing in the Football NSW Premier Futsal League (FPL). 

Futsal is 5v5 Indoor Football and provides a Refereeing pathway right through from Grass Roots to the FIFA World Cup and most FPL Referees qualify for the Nationals in January.


The FPL starts on 17th September with Grand Finals before Christmas. Matches are played primarily on Saturday afternoons for 12's through to Opens Mens and Women's right across the Sydney Metro.


Getting started is easy because eligible Football Referees can undertake a "Fast Track" course which covers the differences between the Football and Futsal laws of the game. 


Fill in the form below submit an Expression of Interest in Refereeing Futsal as courses and the season starts soon!